Develop Your Skills Through Poker Academy

The best poker software available for learning how to play Texas Holdem is available with Poker Academy poker software. Not only does this easy-to-use tutorial teach you how to play the game, but it also helps you develop skills to win money by playing. When newbies approach learning through a live casino or online gambling website, they risk making mistakes and losing money. Learning the game through instructional books can be confusing, too. With the Professional 2.0 edition, you can learn how to play with simple instructions, analysis, and materials that can be beneficial to new players as well as experts.

New users can begin learning with a simple tutorial that is available during each game. Learn all of the game rules, positions, and other key points, or skip the tutorial session and begin the training program itself. Select between Ring Game options or tournaments. If you choose the Ring Game option, you are taken to a screen with dozens of options. Some options include short-handed tables, advanced tables, no-limit games, limit games, and heads up matches. Select any type of game you wish to practice and learn the ins and outs like a pro. Choose between House Rules as well as Poker Stars, UB, Party Poker, and other styles.

Edit your table settings and user settings to customize your game, then employ the tutorial's Artificial Intelligence components to truly experience a lifelike game. These cutting edge components adapt to your game to make it as realistic as possible.

Use tournament-style play to experience a tournament-like game without the risk of losing money. Try both multiple or single games tables, or try your hand at the World Series of Poker experience. Test out every possible scenario during tournament play to prepare for anything, from different positions to new approaches in playing.

Rely on the simulator's unique hand analysis to provide you with specific feedback about the different hands that you play. Unlike any other lifelike experience, the feedback generator is an invaluable resource that combines user statistics and configurable settings to give you the best advice possible about your plays. A separate Showdown Calculator is also available and helps you see every possible outcome.

Users familiar with the previous edition of the game can look forward to improvements like online playing and multi-tournament options, which are also customizable. Use presets to play games with the Poker Academy poker software with the same structure and import or export settings to play with other users. Improvements also allow you to play online with new friends or in private groups.

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