Holdem Manager Poker Software

The Holdem Manager Poker software is unique, even in the world of online poker. It allows players to consolidate information from all of the sites that they play on. The program then takes these hand histories and win/loss statistics and sets them up in an easy to read spreadsheet for the individual. Sounds simple enough, right? But what could a player use this information for?

There is an endless stream of customizable spreadsheets and graphs to help players categorize this information, though it may seem intimidating at first. What this allows people to do is keep track of where they are winning or losing money, which games are the most profitable, and which hands have the greatest chance of winning.

The screen that most players will use is the Reports screen. From here, the player can customize what information is displayed and how it will be seen. Views can be set up for specific statistics, or filters added for game types. The possibilities are endless because the data is nearly unlimited. The only limit is the amount of games in which the person participates.

The Graphs tab is another screen that most people find useful because it can be used to create a graphic representation of the information. This can sometimes make it easier for people to process, and it can be set up for dollar amounts, big bets, or other options. These can also be saved as .jpg files for easy access later on.

The hand re-player is, by far, one of the best features available in this program. It provides a heads up display, or HUD, that shows not only the individual's statistics, but any statistics the program may have obtained about the other people at the table. The replay can be paused, rewound, or skipped through to any point. It also has an easy to read pot size and odds chart to help people plan their hands.

Holdem Manager Poker software is easily the best poker software available on the market today. It is constantly being updated with new features and bug fixes, as well as support for a growing number of online sites. The program is available through the PokerSource store for points, with a 15-day free trial and the option to buy for a reduced price for low-stakes games.

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