Track The Stats That Matter Most

As a card playing enthusiast, you have probably at least dabbled in the world of online gambling. But have you really learned about all the ways you can maximize your earnings and have the most fun in these virtual casinos? There are many types of poker software out there that can give you the edge over the competition you have always wanted. Keep reading for a few facts you may not have known about these helpful programs.

How Can This Improve Your Game?

There are many different types of programs out there, but the general idea behind using them is that you will be able to eventually win more money by all the little ways your game is improved. You can keep track of important statistics on both yourself and the competition, examine your wins versus losses, save time by automating some of your moves, find the best tables for your skill level, and discover holes in your strategies. Many players are unaware that these tools are out there for the using, meaning you could have an even better edge by employing as many great ones as possible.

What Are the Best Programs?

So, what is the best online poker software? With so many different ones out there it can be hard to choose, but there are a few that every player should be using, even casual beginner gamers. Shortcut scripts are some of the most important tools, since they allow you to increase how many tables you can play at once by automating moves. You may be able to start seeing the benefits of this immediately. Another helpful tool, Smart Buddy, lets you know when certain people are playing so that you can join tables with fish and avoid the sharks. Finally, some of the most important tools, tracking programs, will be described further below.

Tracking Programs

Poker tracking software is a must-have for anyone who is serious at improving their skills and making more money. These are basically programs that crunch numbers for you, giving you detailed statistics on both yourself and the competition. They may also provide you with HUD, or heads-up display, which allow you to instantly read statistics on an opponent. One of the best hand tracking software tools is Holdem Manager, which gives customizable results on Hold'em and Omaha games, offers a free trial period, and is one of the best rated poker software programs out there. Another great one is PokerTracker, which offers a 60 day free period. PokerTracker gives you customizable statistics, reports and HUD and is always upgrading its components to better serve players.

Other Helpful Tools

For sit & go players, the SNG Wizard is a good training tool which uses both calculations and auto shortcuts to help you have better success at sit & go games. It also features tutorials and quizzes that will help you learn the finer points of the game. For a good odds calculating tool for players both beginning and advanced, try Magic Hold'em, which will even recommend the most optimal move. Another program called Poker Push Bot exists to help players evaluate tournament situations in order to make the best moves, which can really help you to master your game and have better success.

Another thing that many new players don't know is where to find a real money no deposit casino. Experienced players always try to get some bonus whenever available, cause these promotions are basically free money given by casinos to incentivize players to play on their platform. This is the easiest way to increase your bankroll, cause bonuses can double your initial bankroll for free.

Many of these programs are free, or at least offer free trial periods. Others, while they may charge a subscription fee, can still be invaluable tools for both new beginning players and seasoned card sharks looking to fine tune their skills. Try playing both with and without some of these programs and you are bound to notice the difference in your profits!

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