Mac lovers, rejoice! Poker for mac is now available.

Justified or not, Apple, its Mac products and its hard core loyalists had always been regarded as snobbish by Windows- and other operating systems users. Admittedly though, the sleek look of Mac products contributed greatly to that perception, along with its initial difficulty in interacting and interfacing with other gadgets. The same used to be true with poker for Mac. It seemed that being a Mac lover and an online poker player could not exist in one and the same person, unless said person was willing to temporarily live in the alternate Windows world. Back then, this seemed a task worthy of Ethan Hunt. Thankfully for all Mac diehards out there, this is no longer the case.

There are now at least three ways to play poker for Mac: visiting poker rooms that are web-based and mac-compatible; download a Mac-friendly poker software; and, though this may not sit well with purists out there, install windows in your Mac.

A lot of casino sites have recognized that there is a market and have thus allowed instant play, i.e., playing their games on site, using software that happen to also be compatible with Mac. Each of these web sites would have its own pros and cons, including speed issues, limits on the number of tables you can play in, the quality and skills of the other players and the over all gaming experience, but at least the choice is out there. Another top choice is arcade games. These are available in a variety of themes, including first-person shooter, puzzle, adventure, and even casino games. The latter is not unlike playing slots and require no skill to win real money prizes. Our favourite website for information on free arcade games is, so visit the site to find out where to play and the types of games that will be available to you. Remember, you can play free arcade games without using any money, which is perhaps why so many players enjoy them when compared to other games online.

The next option is to download software that works with your Mac from different sites that offer such. As with the previously discussed option, not all may offer this but there is an increasing number that does so. Advantages and disadvantages are present in each site, but it should be a simple matter of exploring and discovering which ones you can live with and get the most fun.

Finally, we come to the final item on how you can play poker for Mac. Though some may argue this as selling out, you actually do have the choice to install Windows on your Apple computer. Sure, you may think that Windows cannot live up to the quality of Mac, but you can always just use it for your downtime and recreation when playing poker. Installing Windows may be done with an emulator or an in-house program. Again, either would have pluses and minuses, including speed, hard drive and ease of installation issues.

For all Mac lovers out there who also happen to be gaming and poker enthusiasts, now is the time to raise your hands in praise of technological wonders. Truly, you no longer have to compromise on one to enjoy the other.

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