The Best To Track Your Hands and Betting History

American gamblers who truly want to hone their skills when it comes to poker will go to all kinds of lengths. They will spend hundreds of dollars on books, pay thousands to attend seminars, and even solicit the advice of professionals who have won prestigious tournaments. Poker tracking software is often available at low cost or no cost at all, and it can help players learn exactly how and when they make mistakes - as well as how and when they play their cards right.

The purpose behind poker tracking software is to keep track of each and every hand of poker in which a player participates, thereby making it easier for him or her to see where any shortcomings are. Of course, another great benefit is that it can also help players learn the shortcomings of their opponents, including any tendencies they have when it comes to bluffing, folding, raising and more.

Even the best poker tracking software cannot help a player unless he or she has already played at least a thousand hands online. This is because the extra software itself can be distracting to a player who hasn't yet experienced the fast-paced atmosphere that the virtual version of this game brings. The online game is often faster than live play, and gamblers will soon find that they cannot rely on tells like body language or facial expressions to clue them in on what their opponents may be holding.

Free poker tracking software is abundant on the web although some programs don't offer all of the same bells and whistles as their paid counterparts, they are always a great place to start. Sites that sell poker supplies may offer a version of the software for free to VIP customers, some casinos offer it to VIP players, and even proprietors of subscription-based software will offer trial versions so that players can try out several and choose the one that best fits their needs.

Some of the things that this software can do are simply amazing. Essentially, it works hand-in-hand with casino software and tracks things such as wins and losses, wager amounts, raise amounts, the number of times a player folds, the number of times a player goes all-in, and even the number of hands that a player goes through in an hour. Yes, it is absolutely possible to play too many hands in a short time frame!

All in all, these programs can be great for anyone who is new to online poker, but only after they have familiarized themselves with the digital version of the game. When a player can learn his or her own weaknesses as well as those of the various opponents, everything will begin to flow more smoothly and the gambler can learn where improvements should be made. The best way to do this, of course, is to practice playing in any number of virtual venues that offer free versions of this loved American pastime.

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