JaxtrawPoker Software Review: Master Classes for Advanced Players

If you are an enthusiast who just needs to get a little more edge, you might find yourself reaping the benefits for years after you download poker software training from JaxtrawPoker, the premier online resource for mastery of the game. It's free to browse: classes and videos are paid for on an a la carte basis. Advanced players can enjoy live interactive classes, expert video packages and even private coaching sessions. This JaxtrawPoker software review provides more information on what to expect from the service.

"Think like a pro." That's the tagline at this site, which collaborates with a number of established professionals to create only the highest quality content. They include Dany "Ansky" Stern, Alex "ajkhoosier1" Kamberis, and of course the founder, Peter "jaxtraw" Falk, who was a top-level sit 'n' go player prior to "Black Friday". Since then he has focused his efforts on providing quality coaching sessions to other players. Bernard "bernardc" Cappel, Jamie "Buffyslayer1" Wilby, Kevin "koovoon" Laird, Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald, Eric "Foreman11" Porlier, Ivan "ILS007" Stokes and Kevin "Barewire" Rabichow are other top professionals who have worked on creating this program.

There are many group classes in the market, but as you will learn from this JaxtrawPoker software review, this one takes a unique approach. These master classes are well-structured and much more interactive than those conducted by a single person. These classes are moderated and conducted by multiple professional instructors, which lets attendees ask all the questions they need to without disrupting the class. Classes offered include cash games, sit 'n' gos, multi table tournaments and more. Since its establishment, the site has provided hundreds of satisfied attendees with over 2 dozen professional classes.

If you are one of the many busy players who does not have time to attend an intensive class, you might enjoy taking advantage of purchasing videos of the full class sessions in order to watch them whenever is most convenient for you. Although you would be sacrificing the ability to interact with the teacher, you have more control over when and where you receive the information. You will have opportunities to buy sessions such as "Crushing the Midstakes", "The Master Classes", "Hyper Hand Reading", and many others.

If you are not really interested in getting involved in the group classes and would prefer not to watch videos, there is yet another option for you. Private coaching from professional Jaxtraw instructors is also available. You can hire a pro for an hourly rate to receive true one-on-one coaching on a variety of topics that will help you improve your game and start seeing real results.

This JaxtrawPoker software review has provided you with all the raw facts about this unique learning opportunity, and now it's up to you to decide whether or not you are ready to take the next step. With three different methods of learning, you can select the one that meshes best with your personality and learning style and start your journey to mastering the classic game of poker.

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